Are you overwhelmed by SEO, marketing and branding?

Welcome to the She Can SEO podcast. I’m Emily Fontes and I help female entrepreneurs get found on Google, Pinterest, YouTube and Etsy so that they can rapidly grow their business. Don’t feel intimidated by all the techie, bro-marketing strategies that dominate this industry. There is a simpler, more intuitive way to do SEO, branding and marketing! You just need me to show you how!

Is Your Online Presence Full of Holes? Probably. Here’s How to Fix It.

In today’s episode we are going to explore why it is highly likely. Your online presence is full of holes and I will help you highlight the different areas you need to pay attention to to fix it. Don’t worry, almost every client I work with has holes in their online presence. The good news, it’s easy to fix if you know the strategy.

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You Already Have What it Takes to Be Great at SEO

Learn why I believe anyone can do SEO. I’m going to lay out for you how you can begin transforming your organic reach, get found in search results, and start generating more traffic than you thought possible — with a few, easy tweaks!

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Love this sooooo much!

Thanks Emily for bringing it! SEO has been the biggest most confusing mind block ever for me and all my businesses. I wish I’d known… so happy to have found you and plan on upping my SEO game.

PS the Keyword Toolkit blew my mind!!!
Thx Joy Davis


I was on what was supposed to be a live presentation on SEO on an not-to-be-named website platform which actually turned out to be a Q&A in the comments section. Utterly frustrated as I scrolled through dozens of comments expressing a similar sentiment, I came upon a link to Emily’s podcast with praise how she breaks down complicated ideas into simple, easy to understand approaches. I couldn’t agree more! Mahalo nui loa, Emily!


Emily is so comprehensive! She knows how to help people holistically, her strategies are clear, and easy to implement! Hire her to transform your brand! She is AMAZING. I love how my brand turned out!


I was initially super excited for this podcast. But it has really helped motivate me to do more work around not just my website, but my social media as well. I have noticed with just some of the tips she sprinkles throughout her podcast they have helped my website tremendously in showing up in local search results.

Actual new info

I’ve followed Emily for a long time and am not completely new to SEO, but the episode “3 more SEO mistakes” taught me a few things I hadn’t learned before. Emily has a wealth of knowledge that she openly shares, and she truly wants entrepreneurs to succeed.

Well Dang!

Emily you are awesome! So thankful that I have found your podcast! I have struggled with SEO for years but you have made everything simple to understand and implement. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!