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Ready for your small business to make a big impact?

It’s time to stop being intimidated by marketing. Tiny Giant Marketing is a podcast for courageous entrepreneurs who are ready to level up their marketing strategies. If you have a business but you have no idea how to get more clients, how to improve your website or funnel conversion, how to drive traffic from search results or how to brand your business, you are in the right place. I’m Emily Fontes and I’ve been an SEO wizard, website whisperer, brand stylist and marketing maven for 20 years. My superpower is teaching motivated DIY entrepreneurs simple marketing strategies that they can implement quickly. If you want to get found online, attract your perfect clients and create raving fans, this is the podcast for you.

Eliminate Price Objections With This Simple Strategy

If you are struggling with price objections, low conversion rates and competitors undercutting prices in your industry, you are going to love this episode. I’m unpacking the simple strategy I use to make sure potential clients see the value in my offers no matter what the price point is.

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How to Create a Free Opt-In in Less Than an Hour

Last episode I told you that you needed to have a free opt in on your homepage and you didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging, did you? Because today I’m going to teach you how to create a free opt-in in less than an hour using, a very simple framework.

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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Homepage and Boost Conversions

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the number of people who find your website but don’t take any action, today’s episode is for you. I’m going to be giving you five concrete ways you can spruce up your homepage so that people will stick around and take the next step once they find you in search results.

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3 SEO Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & How to Fix Them

Let’s talk about the three most common SEO mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to fix them. I have been reviewing websites for a long time and making websites myself, of course. I tend to see the same set of problems repeated over and over and over. So I thought I would make this little quick guide for you so that hopefully you can go double check your website and make sure that you are not making these SEO mistakes right now.

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“SEO Like a Girl” is a Compliment, Not an Insult

This is probably not going to come as any surprise, but I think “SEO like a girl” is a compliment, not an insult. And in this episode I’m going to share why I think women can be better at SEO than they ever imagined. I’ll explain how you can use your natural skills and intuition as females to tap into better SEO, marketing and conversion.

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Love this sooooo much!

Thanks Emily for bringing it! SEO has been the biggest most confusing mind block ever for me and all my businesses. I wish I’d known… so happy to have found you and plan on upping my SEO game.

PS the Keyword Toolkit blew my mind!!!
Thx Joy Davis


I was on what was supposed to be a live presentation on SEO on an not-to-be-named website platform which actually turned out to be a Q&A in the comments section. Utterly frustrated as I scrolled through dozens of comments expressing a similar sentiment, I came upon a link to Emily’s podcast with praise how she breaks down complicated ideas into simple, easy to understand approaches. I couldn’t agree more! Mahalo nui loa, Emily!


Emily is so comprehensive! She knows how to help people holistically, her strategies are clear, and easy to implement! Hire her to transform your brand! She is AMAZING. I love how my brand turned out!


I was initially super excited for this podcast. But it has really helped motivate me to do more work around not just my website, but my social media as well. I have noticed with just some of the tips she sprinkles throughout her podcast they have helped my website tremendously in showing up in local search results.

Actual new info

I’ve followed Emily for a long time and am not completely new to SEO, but the episode “3 more SEO mistakes” taught me a few things I hadn’t learned before. Emily has a wealth of knowledge that she openly shares, and she truly wants entrepreneurs to succeed.

Well Dang!

Emily you are awesome! So thankful that I have found your podcast! I have struggled with SEO for years but you have made everything simple to understand and implement. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!