Are you overwhelmed by the idea of search engine optimization?

You have a business but you have no idea how to rank on Google search, how to get found organically, how to optimize your website so that people choose to hire you. I’m Emily Fontes and I’ve been learning and using SEO for 20 years. My superpower is teaching non-techie female entrepreneurs how to do SEO with intuitive and simple strategies so that you can grow your business and change the world.

Is Your Online Presence Full of Holes? Probably. Here’s How to Fix It.

In today’s episode we are going to explore why it is highly likely. Your online presence is full of holes and I will help you highlight the different areas you need to pay attention to to fix it. Don’t worry, almost every client I work with has holes in their online presence. The good news, it’s easy to fix if you know the strategy.

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You Already Have What it Takes to Be Great at SEO

Learn why I believe anyone can do SEO. I’m going to lay out for you how you can begin transforming your organic reach, get found in search results, and start generating more traffic than you thought possible — with a few, easy tweaks!

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