Sixteen Business Planners You’ll Love for 2020

You need a planner that is right for your type of business and your planning style, I've complied a list of the most interesting planners available.

I don’t know about you but I leave a veritable graveyard of planners in my wake. I’ve tried dozens of them with varying levels of success and learned that there is no one-size-fits-all planner. Some people want a by-the-hour daily planner to manage their schedule. Some people want a don’t-box-me-into-a-schedule goal planner. I’ve rounded up some of the most interesting 2020 planners out there in this quick guide so that you can choose the one that fits your needs.

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The Content Planner

Photo © The Content Planner

What’s to Love: This planner is made specifically for planning content & social media. It includes 15 undated monthly spreads, monthly goal setting pages, a set of planner stickers and a handy reference guide of holidays. The maker of this planner, Cat Gaskin, also offers a free 7 day planning workshop.

Things to Consider: There are no daily or weekly planner pages.

The Bottom Line: $59.99, 8.5″x11″ size

The High Performance Planner

Photo © The High Performance Planner

What’s to Love: This 60 day planner is created by Brendan Bourchard based on scientific research about high performance. Includes daily pages with hourly schedule featuring Morning Mindset Prompts and Evening Scorecard, weekly pages featuring the Whole Life Assessment and High Performance Habits Assessment, monthly review pages and monthly strategy pages.

Things to Consider: This is only a 60 day planner so you would have to buy 6 to get through the year.

The Bottom Line: $16.49ish on Amazon, 8.5″x11.5″ size

The Passion Planner

Photo © The Passion Planner

What’s to Love: Full size pages make writing out your schedule non-squinty. There is space for your to-do list on the weekly view and a neat “passion roadmap” guided brainstorming worksheet. This is a great planner for people who like to layout each day down to the hour. Comes in tons of sizes and formats. FREE digital versions!

Things to Consider: Not as colorful or creative as other planners but has a very clean design in printed black text.

The Bottom Line: Black 2020 Dated in Small, Medium or Large size $30, Black Undated in Small Medium or Large size $30, Black Undated Daily $25

Create Your Shining Year Workbook

Photo © Leonie Dawson

What’s to Love: This goal setting workbook is very colorful and artistic, it’s a joy to work through. This not a daily or weekly planner but it is a great tool for reviewing the past year and making goals for the new year.

Things to Consider: The structure and language of this book definitely leans towards new age which will be a great fit for some but too woo-woo for others.

The Bottom Line: $16.49(ish) on Amazon

Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Planner

Photo © Danielle LaPorte

What’s to Love: These are gorgeous. Unique layouts that focus on unravelling your goals, monthly spreads for big picture focus. The design feels elegant. There are daily and weekly versions based on how detailed you want to be with your schedule.

Things to Consider: Much of the language is focused on manifesting, with some mentions of astrology, which will be a great fit for some but not others.

The Bottom Line: 9.5″ x 7.5″ Daily Edition $50.00, 6.75″ x 8.5″ Weekly Edition $50.00, Printable & Digital Editions $25.00

Bullet Journal

What’s to Love: If you are an DIY planning hacker, this is the system for you. Basically you use a journal of your choice (most people use a dotted Moleskine journal) and a specially laid out system for creating your own custom planner.

Things to Consider: This is DIY all the way so, basically, you are building your own planner as you go with paper and pens.

The Bottom Line: You can build any size or format planner you want. If you have a journal on hand it’s FREE or you can buy a blank journal in any budget.

Erin Condren Life Planner

Photo © Erin Condren

What’s to Love: Sooooo many options. She offers softbound, coil bound and binder bound planners. Covers are customizable and replaceable in some styles. You get to choose the planner layout and extra pages in some styles. Includes reinforced tabs to separate the months, colorful stickers to use, pockets and lots of add-on accessories that are fun and customizable.

Things to Consider: Everything about these planners are colorful, so if you want something plain and simple, this might not be the planner for you.

The Bottom Line: variable pricing based on customization, start at $35

Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets

Photo © Cultivate What Matters

What’s to Love: This vibrant goal planning workbook is well designed. I love the goal and vision guidance in this planner. This is a spiral bound book that focuses on monthly and seasonal goal planning. It has handy monthly tabs.

Things to Consider: This isn’t a daily planner and functions best as a high-level goal planner. Tons of accessories available.

The Bottom Line: 8.5″ x 10″, $60.00

The Magic of 2020 Astrological Planner

Photo © Magic of I

What’s to Love: This may be the most unique planner of the bunch. It incudes a full monthly astrology calendar and aspectarian plus a weekly planner with aspects and moon movements. Tons of visual guides and reference materials.

Things to Consider: Clearly, if you don’t believe in astrology, this isn’t the planner for you.

The Bottom Line: 6″x8.5″ $45, mini version 4.1″x5.”8 $30

She Plans Notebook Planner

Photo © She Plans

What’s to Love: This planner offers some great flexibility in format. There are daily, weekly and monthly planner formats. This planner is saddle stitched with a soft cover which makes it super light and portable.

Things to Consider: Soft binding may not stand too much wear and tear.

The Bottom Line: $28-$58 depending on format, 7″x9″ or 8″x10″

The Day Designer

Photo © Day Designer

What’s to Love: These planners are gorgeous. Pretty art, spiral bound, reinforced corners, tabs, stickers, pockets, lots of goodies! The daily planner has plenty of room for your by-the-hour daily schedule and the weekly planner is more compact.

Things to Consider: Coil binding so that you can lay it open flat. Tons of free printables offered on their website.

The Bottom Line: Daily or weekly versions in mini $49 and full sized $59.

My Next 90 Days Planner

Photo © Savor Life Planner

What’s to Love: This planner has some unique features. One thing I love: it focuses on self care every day. It helps you set a 90 day goal with a weekly “brain detox”, monthly calendars, week at a glance planning and stickers.

Things to Consider: A single planner only covers 3 months so you will need to buy multiple per year. Coil bound so that it will lay flat.

The Bottom Line: a choice of colors, $29.95

InkWell Press Planner

What’s to Love: This is probably the most modular planner on the list because it is a disc binder. You can choose every part of this planner and build a totally custom solution. Once you have it in your hands you can rearrange pages any time. I love their goal setting pages.

Things to Consider: This planner can get expensive quickly. Every feature you add increases the cost. However, you can buy refills for the next year and recycle your cover & discs. You can order a sample pack of the page types which is a handy way to decide what you need.

The Bottom Line: 9″x7″, basic planner starts at $54, up to $100+

Personalized Evo Planner

Photo © Project Evo

What’s to Love: Ever wanted a planner designed for how your brain works? Evo Planner starts by giving you a quiz that identifies your brain type and then matches you with the right planner style. Each planner comes with daily, weekly and monthly pages. They also have an app to pair with your planner.

Things to Consider: This is an undated 3 month planner so you will need to purchase multiple to last a year of daily use.

The Bottom Line: 8.5″x5″, $44.99

The 100 Day Goal Journal

Photo © John Lee Dumas

What’s to Love: This is not a traditional planner, this is a goal crushing tool. The 100 Day Goal Journal gives you a 100 day calendar, a daily worksheet, plus reviews every 10 days. If you have a major goal, this journal will help you break it down into the steps you need to take to achieve it. Great habit builder!

Things to Consider: While it does have a daily task list area, there is no hour-by-hour planner. This is not a typical schedule-keeper.

The Bottom Line: $9.98 (ish) on Amazon, 5″x8″

The Maker’s Yearbook

Photo © Nicola Taylor

What’s to Love: A goal setting workbook and planner for artists, makers and handmade business owners. Includes 2019 review, 2020 goal settings, dated monthly and weekly spreads, social media planner, email marketing planner, blog post prompts and more. Sturdy tabs to find what you need quickly.

Things to Consider: This ships from the UK so lead time is a little longer for US customers. It isn’t a daily hour-by-hour planner.

The Bottom Line: $40 (ish) for a printed planner, $24 (ish) for a PDF planner

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December 17, 2019