Pinterest SEO: How to Get Your Pins to Rank

Trying to rank your pins on Pinterest? You need a Pinterest SEO checklist! Learn how to use keywords in your pins and profile to improve your Pinterest SEO.

Need all the best Pinterest SEO tips? You are in luck! This blog post goes over how to rank your pins within the Pinterest search ecosystem.

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Wait… Is Pinterest a Search Engine?

Some people classify PInterest as a social media website but the primary user behavior is search. If you have a mostly female audience, you should be publishing your content on Pinterest and building boards in your niche.

Your Pinterest SEO Checklist

  1. Use a Pinterest Business Account
    If you are currently using the personal version of Pinterest you need to set up a business account ASAP. This unlocks extra features for you like analytics.
  2. Claim your website on Pinterest
    Verifying your domain name and connecting it your account comes with a few perks. Your profile photo will show up next to any pin that someone else makes for your content. Claiming your website is pretty easy to do. You just add a little snippet of html to your home page.
  3. Use your primary keywords in pin titles
    When you post a piece of content, use the most important keywords in the pin title itself. You have 100 characters. Use them all if you possibly can. Bonus if this matches the meta title of your content. Consistency is key for Pinterest SEO.
  4. Use all 500 words of the pin description
    Add as many relevant keywords and keyword variations as possible. If there are lots of different ways to phrase this particular topic, write them out. Use all the similar words. Words are what get searched on Pinterest so you need to include as many words as possible that describe this particular pin and piece of content in order to get good Pinterest SEO.
  5. Don’t bother using hashtags in pin descriptions
    Hashtags are becoming a phased out feature on Pinterest. Use the room available to write complete sentences that describe your pin and the content you are linking to instead.
  6. Use a 2×3 ratio image with text overlay
    As with any search engine, user interaction with your pin is a ranking signal. The best way to get user interaction is with a really great graphic image. Put the jazzy content title on the graphic itself to try to compel people to pin or click. Canva has great templates for Pinterest graphics or I’m happy to do graphic design at my hourly rate.
  7. Use keywords in your board names, board descriptions & board sections
    Not only does this help you better organize your pins, it provides relevant SEO to help your pins, boards and profile rank in search results.
  8. Match the pin to the linked content
    I hope this goes without saying. If you pin your content, the information in the pin should reflect the information in the link. Same keywords, same meta tags, etc.
  9. Publish your pins on group boards
    You want your pins to get seen and start interaction as soon as possible after publishing. Post on group boards can kickstart that. Make sure the group boards are relevant to the pin.
February 18, 2020