Lead Magnet Hall of Fame

On this page I’m featuring the students of my Create Your Lead Magnet live workshop. They all create their leadmagnet in 5 days or less! If you are interested in learning how to do the same, go to https://www.emilyfontes.com/cylm

Connected Birth Date Night Kit

by Regina Gingerich Martin

The Doula Guide to Hiring a Doula

by Czarina Bowers

Number One Way to Increase Your Fertility…That Nobody is Talking About!

by Denise Brusveen

Five Must-Have Checklists for Pregnancy, Birth, and a Rocking Postpartum

by Kate Tyo

“Super Hero Birth Partner” Cheat Sheet

by Mandi Wagnild

10 Free Virtual Backgrounds for perinatal educators

by Mallory Emerson & Sharon Muza

Virtual Event Planning Kit

by LaKisha Mosley

Make Your Donors the Star

by Sonja Barisic

Pack the Perfect Hospital Bag

by Megan Malone-Franklin

5 Steps You Can Implement Now to Improve your Baby’s Sleep

by Tiffany Decker

The college planning timeline and checklist

by Faith Stewart

Release Limiting Beliefs by Looking to Your Family History

by Heather Murphy

Nutritional Deficiency Survey

by Anna Iker

Top 10 Tips for a Shorter Labor

by Amara Minnis

21 Days to discover and birth your purpose

by Harshada Samant

Taming your Child’s Anger Dragon

by Jamie Canning

Newborn Sleep Secrets

by Petra Nobel

Done-For-You Promo Calendar

by Wendy Mooney

How to Find Balance in an Unbalanced Life

by Jeannie Epstein

Your Stress Toolkit

by Tiffany Kilpatrick

50 Ways Your Partner Can Support You in Labour

by Sherilee Valenta

Increase Oxytocin: A Labor Partner Guide

by Kaely Harrod

Why Should You Guest On Podcasts?

by Elizabeth Krajewski

Your Holistic Newborn Sleep Preparation Guide

by Joy MacTavish

The Five Essential Truth Your Must Learn Before You Give Birth

by Alicia Fishbein

Simple Google Analytics Report Template

by Caroline Moon

Need 30 % more energy the next 5 minutes?

by Karin Jahn

Easy Ways to Engage Your Newborn

by Suyin Jordan

Build a Thriving Holistic Health Practice Guide

by Susanna Terry

Healthy Body, Healthy Hormones Masterclass

by Denise Brusveen

Your Fourth Trimester Plan

by Finnley Halley-Wheeler

Making the Decision to Become a Doula

by Robin Elise Weiss


by Brenda Amaya

The Complete Website Maintenance Checklist

by Elyssa Manis