Is Your Online Presence Full of Holes? Probably. Here’s How to Fix It.

In today's episode we are going to explore why it is highly likely. Your online presence is full of holes and I will help you highlight the different areas you need to pay attention to to fix it. Don't worry, almost every client I work with has holes in their online presence. The good news, it's easy to fix if you know the strategy.
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Sometimes I’ll help clients work on their SEO and they will crush Google rankings, but they will be frustrated that they don’t see a big boom in business. The real problem is that if you rank in the top, but your website sucks or your brand sucks or your offer sucks, it won’t matter.

Not that long ago, I had one of my students come to me and she said that her ranking was good and our traffic was good, but she wasn’t getting enough leads. So she hired me to do an assessment of her site and we spent about an hour on the phone just going over everything, looking at the design, looking at the copywriting. We discussed her offer. She ended up hiring me for about four hours. I did do basically a full branding overhaul on the site and I adjusted some copywriting things and a lot of the imagery and the photography as well.

The coolest thing was less than a week later, she had already doubled her leads. Same ranking. Nothing else changed except for those four hours of design work I did. She said that the people who were actually contacting her were finally her ideal client. So not only did she have more leads, but she had more leads of the right type of people, which is fantastic. So it just goes to show that you could have the best SEO in the world, but if your branding is off or something else isn’t working, then you’re just going to be leaking leads out of your online presence.

And that’s why I say right now your online presence is full of holes. It’s kind of like this big giant bucket of water, literally spouting holes and leaking water everywhere.

Maybe your branding is just kind of meh. And when people land on your site, they get all judgey and they just bounce right out of there. That’s a hole.

And maybe your copywriting is super bland and they just don’t feel any itch to buy or contact you. That’s a big hole.

Or maybe your offer isn’t juicy enough and they can’t envision the transformation and how they’re going to get a return on that investment. Big hole.

So here’s the good news. While this podcast is about SEO, it’s going to be about so much more than that. I’m going to cover branding, website design, copywriting, conversion, paid advertising, sales funnels and offers because you deserve the full package. You deserve to have a complete strategy. And I want this podcast to be a one stop shop.

So what sorts of topics am I going to explore in future episodes? Let me go over a few of the categories and what I want you to do is listen for the things that spark your interest and send me a message on Instagram or Facebook or email and let me know what you want me to talk about first because I am all about giving you what you want.


First content pillar that I’m going to be talking about in future episodes is branding and this is all about how to visually attract your ideal client and express your unique personality. It’s about the design aspects, how to make it pretty. I love matchy matchy. It also has to do with creating an emotional response in your ideal client. Our goal with branding is to get people’s attention and to bypass those instantaneous judgments that people make based on how things look. If you look like everyone else in your industry, it’s going to be hard to stand out. If you look cheesy or dated, ideal clients may just move right along. You can’t let your branding be something that impedes your success. The problem is, sometimes you get kind of nose blind, like you do when there’s something stinky in your house, to how your stuff looks. So maybe it’s time to have a professional assess your brand and tell you what needs to shift.


The next content pillar that we’re going to be using for future episodes is conversion. Conversion has everything to do with making sure people buy when they find you because when they find you, if they don’t buy anything, then they are just leaking out of the bucket. Right? Copywriting is a huge deal and most business owners think they suck at copywriting, but the real problem is that they just need to focus on going deep into understanding their ideal client. If you know their needs better than they do, the copy is just going to flow out of you. It will become much, much easier to write content for your website, for your blog posts, for YouTube videos. Another part of conversion is offer creation. Whether you have an online business or an eCommerce business or a local business, you are selling something. That is your offer and it needs to be packaged up in a really irresistible way so that people say yes without even having to think about it. Another thing to consider underneath this conversion headline would be website user experience. Most websites kind of suck at getting attention and getting people to take the next step, so that’s something that I can help you adjust and improve.


Another thing that we’re going to talk a lot about in future episodes is marketing. Usually, marketing I split into two separate categories. There’s, first of all, push marketing, which is all about building brand awareness and making sure people know who you are. Such as pay per click ads, traditional ads like radio or TV or even print, marketing, expos, influencer marketing. All of those things are push marketing. Now the next category is pull marketing, which is all about being find-able, being in a place where people can find you on their own. Things that fall under pull marketing, are organic ranking, social media, being listed in directories, networking and referrals, podcasting, webinars, workshops. Those are all pull marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Then of course on this podcast we’re going to tie everything back into SEO because that is the icing on the cake. It is the concrete between the bricks, whatever you want to call it, it all matters. That’s what I want you to understand is you can’t just paint a little SEO on it and have everything be better. You have to have the whole package. The reason why is that Google actually pays attention to everything that happens online. It pays attention to how your content gets shared. It pays attention to what people do when they visit your site, how people are talking about your brand. All of these things are ranking signals and that’s why you can’t just work on one thing in isolation. Everything affects everything else. You can’t expect to just improve one thing and get perfect results.

While that may sound just a tiny bit overwhelming, I hope you can see that my goal is to help give you all the pieces that you need to be successful. That’s why I can’t just have a one topic podcast. I’m going to give you everything you need.

Are you ready for a little bit of homework?

I really want you to have a hard think about where you’re weakest right now. Is that your branding? Or maybe your search result ranking? Maybe social media? Paid advertising? Your website? Where are the holes in your bucket? Where are the points where someone comes in contact with your brand and it’s not right and they leave and they don’t become a client? And if you can take a critical eye and think about those things from the prospective client’s point of view, you can have much more clarity about where you need to go.

And don’t forget. I want you to message me and tell me the topics that are going to be most important to you for me to cover because I’m all about user interaction and I want this podcast to work for you. I’m here to make your life better, to make your business better, so stay in touch and let me know what would be fantastic for me to cover in future episodes.

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