Launch your profitable online offer...

  • Online courses, services and programs are the most flexible way to serve clients around the world and add a profitable revenue stream to your business.
  • But the problem is creating and launching an online offer on your own is intimidating and time consuming

Introducing the…

hummingbird method vip experience

If You Want to Create a New Online Offer

During your VIP Experience we can…

  • Identify your fastest path to cash.
  • Nail down your brand, pricing and messaging
  • Determine the correct funnel framework
  • Choose the technology and systems that are the right fit

If You Want to Optimize an Existing Offer

During your VIP Experience we can…

  • Diagnose the leaks in your funnel
  • Fix your branding or copywriting
  • Discuss organic and paid traffic strategies
  • Determine the right marketing plan for you
funnel designer, funnel design, funnel training

what to expect

During your VIP Experience…


  • Before we meet, you’ll complete a series of questionnaires to help unpack your: lifestyle, skills and expertise.
  • Two half days of personalized attention, two weeks apart.
  • During your half days we will start with a minimum of 30 minutes of goal setting and strategy via Zoom.
  • Depending on your needs, we may work directly together on strategy the full time or we may “divide and conquer” with you working on an assignment while I do technical tasks (like building/editing funnels, designing or copy writing).
  • We will wrap up your second session by outlining a marketing strategy for the next 90 days.

you’re going walk away

after your VIP Experience with…


  • An online offer that is confidently priced and expertly positioned.
  • The correct funnel to complement your unique strengths.
  • A handle on the organic and paid traffic strategies that are a good fit for you.
  • The marketing plan that feels acheiveable.

Investment: $3,000

You pay a $1,000 retainer to reserve your date and pay the $2,000 balance the day before your first appointment.

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