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Complete Online Brand Solutions
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Your Brand Should

look brilliant . . .

You might have brand-itis if:

  • Your logo is a quickie stock illustration or a sketch that you threw together yourself. It’s embarrassingly unpolished.
  • Your branding isn’t attracting high-end, ideal clients or differentiating you in the market.
  • Or maybe your logo is decent but you just want to kick things up a notch and get something truly distinctive.
  • You might be lacking any cohesive print pieces like business cards, brochures, stickers, packaging or stationary. Everything is a bit willy nilly.
  • Most of all, you have no bandwidth to deal with making any of this yourself.

I’m Emily Fontes

your brand stylist . . .


I believe that your brand should reflect your unique business personality and attract your ideal clients to you like a magnet. Over the last 20 years, my design experience has been focused on female small business owners. My specialty is helping you build a distinctive brand that effortlessly cuts through the noise in your marketplace.

I’m totally the right brand stylist for you if…

  • You want a high end brand that will stand out in your industry.
  • You are passionate about serving your clients and want to be proud of your brand.
  • You want a stunning logo that reflects your brand voice. No cookie-cutter designs for you!
  • You need a cohesive suite of brand pieces so that your entire customer experience is branded.


Your Website Should

bring you more clients . . .

Your website is suffering from ugly brochure syndrome if:

  • Inside you might feel a tiny bit embarrassed about your website and frustrated because you don’t know how to make it better.
  • Or maybe your site is looking good but you just want to take things to the next level and show that you are a leader in your market.
  • You are probably tired of not getting many leads from your website or getting poor quality leads.
  • Most of all, you are seriously strapped for time and dread the thought of mucking around with your website.

I’m Emily Fontes

your website whisperer . . .


I believe that your website should look amazing and bring you a constant stream of clients. Over the last 20 years, my design experience has been focused on small business owners. My specialty is helping you build a brilliant online presence that converts like crazy and makes your business more streamlined.

I’m totally the right web designer for you if…

  • You are passionate about your work and want to be proud of your website.
  • You need to get plenty of pre-qualified leads from your website or you need a sales funnel that makes consistent sales.
  • You want a dynamic website that reflects your personality. No cookie-cutter designs for you!
  • You need to be on the first page of Google for your keywords, like, yesterday.
  • You want a designer who knows exactly how to make a website convert. After all, you need clients not just visitors, right?


Rank Higher in search

google, youtube, pinterest…

If you are currently hiding on page 10, you need:

  • Expertly coded website that gives Google bots exactly what they are looking for.
  • A mobile-first strategy that makes sure Google ranks you first for clients searching from smart phones.
  • Link building and content marketing that is fully compliant and customer focused.
  • Total search engine strategy to optimize for Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Etsy and more!
seo search engine optimization
website design for female business owners

I’m Emily Fontes

your seo wizard…


I want you to dominate search engine results so that you can connect with your ideal clients with ease. Over the last 20-ish years, my SEO specialty has been small business owners just like you! I understand the unique needs of businesses in saturated markets. I’m an expert at helping you attract clients like a magnet to your business through excellent Google ranking.

done for you

SEO Makeover

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I can get all of your on page SEO sorted in one day!

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do it yourself

Boost Your SEO Bundle

Learn how to get started with technical SEO skills in a non-scary way.

Discover which keywords are perfect for your business.

Tackle your meta-tags and learn how to set up Google My Business.

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