Clubhouse SEO Tutorial – How to Rank on the Clubhouse App

Learn how to do Clubhouse SEO so that you can rank in search results in the Clubhouse app.

Learn How to Do Clubhouse SEO

What you need to know about Clubhouse SEO:

  • Searches on Clubhouse return up to 100 results that are ranked based on their algorithm.
  • Clubhouse hasn’t outlined their exact algorithm but it is likely based on: keyword density, keyword position, popularity of profile, profile engagement and app activity.
  • When you make changes to your profile to try to rank for keywords, the effect is immediate. That means you can test various keyword strategies in your bio and go see if you are improving your rank.

How to get started with SEO on Clubhouse:

  • Make sure you understand what keywords people might be searching for that are relevant to you and your offers.
  • Put those keywords into your Clubhouse profile in a way that is readable and not spammy (no keyword stuffing).
  • Make sure your 2 or 3 most important keywords are in the first three lines of your bio.
  • Include additional keywords throughout your bio. Make sure you have keyword variations to cover lots of ways that people search.
  • One easy way to implement this is to include a list of topics you like to speak about or learn about at the end of your bio.

Testing the Clubhouse SEO algorithm:

  • Certain parts of the algorithm are harder (or impossible) to test, such as: profile popularity, profile engagement and app activity. It’s possible that users with more followers, who host more rooms or spend more time in the app will rank higher in search results.
  • However keyword position does appear to be the primary ranking factor.
  • Keywords in the first three lines of your bio are the most likely to be ranked.
  • You can rank for keywords in the rest of your bio but only if there isn’t as much competition.

Need SEO help?

I’m happy to do an assessment of your entire online presence (including Clubhouse) and give you actionable feedback that you can use to improve.

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January 6, 2021