Hey You Beautiful Human

you are in the right place if...
  • You’re a courageous entrepreneur who is serious about leveling up.
  • You want to save time, flail less and simplify your business.
  • You sometimes feel like the odd one out or a best kept secret.
  • You are allergic to slimy sales and coaches who underdeliver.
  • You don’t want cookie cutter strategies.
  • You aren’t totally tech averse but sometimes get stuck.
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emily fontes online business mentor

Hi, I’m Emily Fontes…

I think business should be fun, or at least it should add meaning, enjoyment and income to your life. I’ve been a business owner for 20 years and the one thing I know for sure is that everyone has their own definition of success. You’re the boss, so you get to pick what your vision is. My job is to help you make it happen with more ease.

What if you woke up every day feeling at peace with your business and your life?

I’m on this earth to

help courageous entrepreneurs…

  • Design a business that generates impact and income but also fits your life.
  • Create an online presence that makes you feel proud every time you see it and attracts clients that you love.
  • Feel confident, supported and clear about your purpose.
  • Transform your business from a daily grind that constantly makes you feel “less than” to something you feel in alignment with and capable of showing up for.

I do this by

breaking all the rules…

  • I’ve been homeschooling my kids for 10 years while running my business from home.
  • I created my first online course while my son was battling leukemia (and scaled to six figures).
  • I started learning SEO and designing websites 20 years ago when it was a completely male dominated profession.
  • I co-own a manufacturing company with my husband that makes deck equipment for fishing vessels.
  • I have mastered copy, conversion, traffic, design, course creation, funnels, systems… I am your one stop shop.
  • I reject all forms of slimy sales tactics, fake scarcity, over promising, ego driven marketing. I listen better than I talk.
emily fontes online business mentor


my word for it…

Kimberly Bepler

“After having had you as a coach for the last 12 weeks, I can say that what you provide is very clear and concise direction to help business owners eliminate unnecessary steps. You possess a rare blend of heart for the business and the families that are served and clarity with tech tools and processes that have proven metrics. This is extremely valuable and I’m sure it could be leveraged for a much bigger vision.”

Sabine Le Boulicaut

“It’s going to be so hard to put into words… You don’t just sell courses, you really care about your students and want to see them succeed. You are very knowledgeable and very generous with your content, you don’t hold anything back and give your students all the tools. You’re also a great teacher and very articulate. You have a lovely energy, perfect for coaching women. You create amazing courses and there is no “marketing” or “pushy” vibe about you whatsoever, and I love that.”

Holly Reed

“What I have learned from you along the way has been such a wonderful resource. What you provide Emily is so rare and so needed. I think there is a bigger need than ever for what you have to offer. Your skills helped me feel confident and helped me look professional as I was just starting. Without connecting with you, I would not have been as successful so quickly, I know that for sure. You could’ve been one and done with the class of yours I attended but instead you continued to nurture the community you built. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for you. It’s hard to find people who offer what you have and the knowledge that you share.”

website design for female business owners

We should be

business besties…

  • I love Jesus. My verse is Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not lose hope. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
  • I’m a total introvert who plays an extrovert online. The only social situation I don’t feel awkward in is hanging out with preschoolers, they like my dumb jokes.
  • I read the entire Anne of Green Gables book series every year. It’s my comfort story. I have an Anne quote for every situation. 📖
  • My favorite subject is math but the only class I ever failed was geometry. 
  • Some day I want to have a two story library full of books, cozy couches and a fireplace.
  • I will never ever say no to sea salt & vinegar chips.
  • My patronus is a hummingbird and I always try to embody it’s speed, agility and beauty when it comes to business.
  • These are my jams and every time I host a Zoom meeting I get on 15 minutes ahead of time to dance so feel free to join me. My dance skills are lacking. 👀😬
  • I’m an enneagram 5, INTP, Kolbe 9443, Wealth Dynamics Mechanic.