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2022 Experience Product Masterclass Review and bribe

Hi, I’m Emily Fontes and I’ve been a student of Marisa’s for 7 years. In that time I’ve used her strategies to create & sell 13 online courses and build a million dollar online business. I promote the Experience Product Masterclass because I know it gets RESULTS. This Experience Product Masterclass 2022 review is different because I am both a student of Marisa’s and I’ve also been hired to coach her EPM students. I know the program inside and out.

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You’re in the right place if

  • You have expertise or passion about something and you wonder if it could translate into an online course or digital product.
  • You have an idea for an online course or digital product and you feel scared but excited to publish it.
  • Your course is partially built but you are stuck in analysis paralysis and don’t know how to move forward.
  • You created an online course but it feels like a dud and you need a reboot.

There are a lot of courses about making courses, here’s why EPM gets such great results…

EPM teaches adult online learning psychology and gamification better than any other program. Marisa knows how to get YOU across the finish line AND how to teach you to do the same for your students.

My favorite things about EPM

  • Your Personal Coach: Ever started a course and wish you had a personal mentor to cheer you through? With EPM, every student gets assigned to a coach who tracks their milestones, personally answers emails and hosts live, small group coaching sessions every week.
  • The Experience Product Methodology: Most courses have a dismal 3% completion rate. The EPM Methodology shows you how to get your students to Mission Accomplished and skyrocket your completions. You want raving fans, EPM will show you how!
  • Unlimited Emails With Your Coach: You can email your coach questions any time! No waiting for group calls or having your post get buried in a Facebook group.
  • Tech Coaching: Ever get stuck with tech? The EPM Elite Tech Coaches will be meeting with you live every week to walk you through all of the tech gremlins that come up when launching a course. These sessions get RAVE reviews with even the most tech challenged (and, I’m one of your tech coaches).
  • Done-For-You Membership Site: Once your content is ready, you get to have the tech gurus at LYM to build out your membership area on the Xperiencify. A fully gamified and gorgeous course built with zero effort!

Want to shortcut your course success in the 2022 Experience Product Masterclass?

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Hummingbird Jacket


You want the sequins. You need the sequins. This is the Tiny Giant persona I put on every day in my business. I’m going to mail you your very own hummingbird sequin jacket!

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Custom Branding Package

Limited to First 5 Sales ONLY!

Total Value $3,000

If you are going to create and sell an online course, you need a high end brand experience. The first 15 people who purchase EPM through my referral link, will get a custom brand package with me. This includes: a logo, submark, color & font palette, patterns and mini sales page mockup. Normally, I charge $3,000 for this Brand Intensive service.

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Custom Lead Magnet

Limited to First 10 Sales ONLY!
Total Value $1500

One of the hardest things about selling anything online is getting the attention of your ideal clients and building a list of potential buyers. With this bonus I will create your lead magnet FOR YOU! This will give you the quick start you need sell the course you create in EPM.

2021 experience product masterclass review epm review

The Boost Your SEO Bundle

Total Value $900

EPM does not teach SEO strategy but it is definitely one of the long term traffic skills you need to know. You can use this to get traffic from Google, YouTube, Pinterest and other search engines.

2021 experience product masterclass review 2021 epm review

My Massive Canva Template Vault

Total Value $1364

I have created an absolutely gigantic treasure trove of Canva templates: logo sets, social post templates, lead magnet templates, product mockups, presentation slide decks, quarterly planners and more! You get access to this ever growing set of templates to shortcut your entire design process.

2021 experience product masterclass review 2021 epm review

How Do I Get the bonuses?

All you need to do is sign up for EPM through my referral. In order to get these bonuses, click the button below and purchase!

EPM student showcase

My roles at Live Your Message are EPM Success Coach & “Get it Done” Friday Tech Coach. My EPM graduates launched their online courses to the world and I couldn’t be prouder! Here are some of their finished courses:

funnel designer, funnel design, funnel training
devin cowick book creators club

Book Creators Club

Devin Cowick

Empower your child to gain writing confidence, find their voice, and create their very own fiction book in the Book Creators Club.

Check It Out!

shelly southall bitesize changes for rightsize living

Bitesize Changes for Rightsize Living

Shelly Southall

Are you unsure how to build healthy habits, fighting the return of old behaviors or struggling with weight regain after bariatric surgery? Your mission should you choose to accept it is to develop rightsize living habits without dieting, deprivation or drastic measures in 7 weeks or less, so that you finally achieve control over food, your body and your life.

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joan rosenberg The Confidence Course

The Confidence Course

Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn a 90 second technique to transform the 8 difficult emotions that knock most people off their game and keep them from achieving their biggest goals and dreams in life, and instead transform these 8 feelings into confidence, resilience and authenticity. Not only will you come away with the experience of being your own best friend, you will be able to build, cherish and savor deeper relationships with others in your life.

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Dr JuJu Love The JuJu Effect

The JuJu Effect

Dr. JuJu Love

Are you an empath on the brink of burnout? Your 8 week mission, should you choose to accept it, is to cultivate unshakeable mental, emotional and energetic resilience so that you can leverage your empathic gifts to benefit those you love and care about without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

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christian lawson double your doula income

Double Your Doula Income

Christian Lawson

One size fits all business advice usually doesn’t work for doulas. In order to get results, your business training needs to be fully customized to your unique business, It’s not too late to jump into Double Your Double Income Mentorship and receive $200 off!

Check It Out!

kimberly bepler know your newborn

Know Your Newborn

Kimberly Bepler

Wish you knew what your baby was saying and doing? Learn the 3 secrets to understand your baby, soothe their cries, and get more sleep— and become a confident baby soother in less than 2 hours.

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diane deveyni alphabetter

Alphabetter Family Adventure

Diane Devenyi

Are messy writing, poor spelling, slow reading, or struggles to turn thoughts into written or spoken language affecting your child’s education? With Alphabetter Learning Strategies in just 6 weeks your child will have picture perfect printing, fail-proof focusing skills, and 20% more confidence in their ability to succeed as a learner.

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Also offering a class for adults who struggle with reading, spelling and handwriting!

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Want to shortcut your course success in the 2022 Experience Product Masterclass?

 nancy flynn ageless barbell

Ageless Barbell

Nancy Flynn

Want to kick aging’s butt? Your 5 week mission – should you choose to accept it, is to learn how to Get Stronger Now with AGELESS BARBELL so that you can improve your health and stay active.

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jennifer mayer parental leave assessment

The Parental Leave Assessment

Jennifer Mayer

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to plan your self-funded parental leave strategy in just eight weeks so you can enter parenthood with financial clarity, confidence, and ease of mind.

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olivia parr rud rock your wisdom

Rock Your Wisdom

Olivia Parr-Rud

Do you have a passion or an idea for a business but you’re not sure if it will make money? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to validate your business idea and make your starter marketing plan in 4 weeks or less so that you can get started building your dream business with confidence to succeed.

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Megan & Marlee Malone-Franklin

The Practical Parent’s Plan for Nursing a Newborn

Megan & Marlee Malone-Franklin

In just 5 weeks you can make sense of the complex world of nursing a newborn so you will be confident about feeding your little one and ready to navigate any challenges that arise.

Check It Out!

Megan & Marlee Malone-Franklin

Shape Up START

Deborah Milotte

Has a Pre-D or T2D diagnosis thrown you for a loop? Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to improve your blood sugar levels while losing weight and improving your health in 8-weeks or less using the Simply START Method.

Check It Out!

neesha zollinger vitality 21

Vitality ‘21

Neesha Zollinger

Receive through this 9 week yoga program the tools, habits and experience of a deeper connection to self and intentional community, so that you can experience sustained inspiration, vitality and joy on and off the yoga mat.

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Want to shortcut your course success in the 2022 Experience Product Masterclass?