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Straight up… I believe you deserve a business that is meaningful, profitable and doesn’t conflict with your life. I’m here to give you simple solutions to frustrating problems that are holding you back from your dreams.

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If You Aren’t Enjoying Your Business

what is even the point?

Let me guess… you love what you do and are seriously good at it, but sometimes you feel burned out.

The hustle is exhausting. Everything has changed in the last year and you are struggling to adapt.

Work. Family. Clients. Life. Online. Offline.

You are desperate for balance and somebody to just give you clear, concise directions so that you don’t feel like you are constantly behind.

It’s time to recapture the joy in your work.

The Tiny Giant Manifesto

be a hummingbird with me…

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You know that thing you’ve been working on launching for 3 months? It’s time to ship it. If you are afraid it’s not ready and you might fail… would you rather fail now or in another year? The Tiny Giant way is taking imperfect action to get things published.

white hummingbird icon business coaching for women


Sometimes you are so in love with an idea that you aren’t able to be responsive to your clients and offer them what they really want. The Tiny Giant way is to let the market decide and be willing to adapt to changes.

white hummingbird icon business coaching for women


People judge appearances subconsciously whether they mean to or not. What you publish is a reflection of you! The Tiny Giant way is never sacrificing form or function. Things should look nice and work effectively.

My Home Office Remodel

My Home Office Remodel

After 20 years in business, I finally created the home office of my dreams. Check out the process and get the details on all the products.

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emily fontes marketing mentor

Hi, I’m Emily Fontes

your marketing mentor

  • I’ve been helping small business owners like you for 20 years and I’ve also grown my own successful local, online and manufacturing businesses.
  • I believe you deserve a business that generates impact and income but also fits your life.
  • I can help you create an online presence that makes you feel proud every time you see it and attracts clients that you love.

“Emily is a phenomenal mentor for anyone wanting to grow their business and to develop a stronger understanding of the importance of SEO. After taking her course, I know I can scale my business by implementing the strategies she has taught. Such a great learning experience.”

Leah Hall

“The Simple SEO Toolkit was SO helpful in guiding me to find the right keywords to use for my business. I have a ton of strategies to employ while home under quarantine!”

Rebecca Tucci

“Emily is a great teacher. I had no idea what SEO was and how I could apply this to my business website. She explained everything step by step and now I realize how important SEO is. I have started implementing her recommendations and already have seen positive results. Thank you so much Emily. I highly recommend her course for any business owner small or big.”

Michelle Nouraei

“I was recommended this course and was pleasantly surprised how easy to follow her instructional course for SEO was. Big thanks from this technophobe!”

Brittany Christine

“The SEO toolkit gave me SO much to think about while being presented in a digestible way. I added on a 1:1 session with Emily that really helped me reshape my business. Super duper valuable!”

Kat Williams

“I took the simple SEO Keyword Tool course in just over an hour. It was simple, easy and clear to understand. You bet I will be going into my course sites and my website as well as not my YouTube channel and starting the process of being strategic and thorough with my SEO after this class. Was beginner friendly which I loved. Can’t wait for me assessment!”

Kristy-Lea Tritz

“Emily is a GREAT teacher! She breaks things down into easy to understand and execute tasks and has taken so much of the anxiety and stress out of my current SEO crisis! HIGHLY recommend!!”

Tonja Hall

“SEO Toolkit Workshop was easy to understand. Great value for the money (worth more than it costs). Very enjoyable to follow along with.”

Natasha Longridge

“Oh my goodness! I just got blown away by the keyword training! Emily gave me great ideas on what my different categories of key words should be – such clear information. I have sooo many places to use them!! I will be using these teachings as I put content on website, YouTube and Pinterest. Time to get busy! Thanks so much!!”

Heidi Singerhouse

“I have embarked on a number of small business courses in the past year for my budding jewelry business. Tiny Giant Marketing was by far the best course I’ve taken. As a total website creator novice, I had absolutely no idea how to improve my SEO. Tiny Giant Marketing’s class and one-on-one virtual meeting was absolutely amazing. Her recent Google My Business course is also very thorough and helpful. I highly recommend Emily’s courses!”

Laura Hingley

“Emily really gives a lot of great tips on SEO that I have never heard about in all the other courses and books that I have read regarding SEO. The SEO Toolkit Workshop is a great resource and even comes with a checklist and that is what I was looking for!”

Lorena Gallego Lucero

“Emily makes all the tech things simple!!!”

Christian Lawson